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Vicinity-based DTN Characterization

Vicinity-based DTN Characterization. Tiphaine Phe-Neau, Marcelo Dias de Amorim, and Vania Conan. In proceedings of the Third International Workshop on Mobile Opportunistic Networks (ACM MobiOpp 2012).

We relax the traditional definition of contact and intercontact times by bringing the notion of vicinity into the game. We propose to analyze disruption-tolerant networks (DTN) under the assumption that nodes are in k-contact when they remain within a few hops from each other and in k-intercontact otherwise (where k is the maximum number of hops characterizing the vicinity). We make interesting observations when analyzing several real-world and synthetic mobility traces. We detect a number of unexpected behaviors when analyzing k-contact distributions; in particular, we observe that in some datasets the average k-contact time decreases as we increase k. In fact, we observe that many nodes spend a non-negligible amount of time in each other’s vicinity without coming into direct contact. We also show that a small k (typically between 3 and 4) is sufficient to capture most communication opportunities.

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